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From Mexico WIth Love...


Welcome to Sombrero's, we're Bernardo and Lucrecia! We are committed to provide quality and healthy food, as well as an outstanding customer service to everyone that would like to visit us.

After working very hard for many years in the restaurant industry, we decided to venture with our own business.

Three and a half years ago and after several attempts at different locations we decided to try the small community of Stanardsville, VA. This has been a great place for us to grow as a family and a business. We greatly appreciate the community response and support.

With the idea in mind of exposing our traditional food to more customers, in addition to the restaurant, we decided to venture in the food truck business. It's been two and a half years already working with wineries, breweries, festivals, private parties, local businesses and corporates, etc. It is here where we had the opportunity to serve and get to know many of our now loyal customers; their response has been phenomenal and we really appreciate their help and support.

Stanardsville, VA

(old location)

Sombrero's Food Truck

With all this experience, exposure and friends' encouragement, we are ready to pursue our original goal, opening a restaurant in Charlottesville, VA.

Throughout all these years, we have been working tirelessly but it has been very rewarding. Now, we look back and see how far we have come and now having our own place in town, makes us very proud. We keep on living our dream!

Charlottesville, VA

(current location)

Looking forward to seeing all of you at Sombrero's C'Ville!


Bernardo & Lucrecia


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